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Toutes les infos au 02 51 62 01 04

Mais pour la voir, ça se passe déjà ici !!



Dear Sir /Madam
re: your photos illegally portraying a scantily clad woman as Francesca Alderisi
links to the photo :http://www.alfavendee.com/images/medium_pic11538.jpg

I have been appointed by Francesca Alderisi to solicit the removal of these photos from your sites as well as her web page, Francesca Alderisi,...'IMAGES', where your photo, illegally portraying to be Francesca Alderisi, has been planted, without her knowledge or consent.!!
Francesca Alderisi is a respected television host on RAI International, in Italy.
The said photos, are in total contrast to Francesca's ethical and moral image, both professionally as well as privately, so it therefore creates , for her, great distress.
Francesca Alderisi has spent most of her life helping aged pensioners, underprivileged and most ordinary Italian immigrants to find solutions to their problems, in their homeland.
I therefore must insist that these photos be removed from all the sites mentioned, as well as any others that may exist, using all my powers to legally have them removed.
I have, however , noted that your web site and its content, as well as its subject material is that of a high quality, serious matter, which also reflects on its directors, so I therefore appeal to your common sense, and better nature, in aiding to depose of these photos.
I await your prompt reply and actions in this matter.

Écrit par : Roberto Digiacomo | 28/04/2011

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